Children's Assistive Technology Service (CATS) | Virginia

Terms and Conditions

  1. Who CATS serves

CATS serves children and adolescents with physical and developmental disabilities who need assistive technology to assist with movement, positioning, behavior or communication.  The children we serve typically have neuromuscular and orthopedic disorders that impair function.

  1. Where does CATS operate

CATS is a Virginia nonprofit corporation which serves individuals who reside or receive rehabilitative or medical services in Virginia.

  1. Type of equipment accepted for re-use
  • CATS accepts donations of gently used assistive technology in pediatric sizes, including walkers, gait trainers, standing frames, wheel chairs, activity chairs or other adaptive seating, pediatric therapy equipment, mobile patient lifts, bath and shower chairs, toilet chairs, positioning wedges, adaptive recreation equipment, accessibility switches and basic augmentative communication devices.
  • CATS does not accept adult sized equipment, nor does CATS accept child safety restraints (car seats), beds, life support devices and medical supplies.
  • CATS may refuse to accept equipment.
  1. Referrals
  • Equipment must be requested by the child’s legal guardian and must include the name and contract information for the referring therapist, physician or educational team.   All CATS equipment requests must be made online through the website and must include a completed CATS request form,  a completed CATS release form and a release of medical information form authorizing the child’s referring healthcare professional to release medical information to CATS.
  1. How Equipment is Issued
  • CATS sends automated responses via email to equipment requests.  If the requester does not reply to CATS within 5 days, the equipment will be put back into inventory.
  • The family, caregiver or designated individual can pick up adaptive equipment from CATS. Adaptive equipment is defined as equipment that does not need fitting or customization.  Examples include: bath chairs, wedges, activity chairs, medical umbrella strollers.
  • Rehab equipment is defined as equipment that requires fitting and customization or adjustments, and will require a medical professional to assist with fitting. Referral to a ATP or Durable Medical Equipment vendor may be necessary.  Examples include:  manual or power wheelchairs with adaptive seating systems, standers and gait trainers/walkers.
  • Once a pick-up date has been agreed upon, the requester must comply or notify CATS immediately about rescheduling.  If the equipment is not picked up as arranged, it will be returned to inventory.
  • A CATS Equipment Receipt must be signed when the equipment is picked up.
  1. Limitations of Services
  • CATS does not warrant equipment or provide repair services. CATS can provide the family with contact information for local vendors that provide repair services.
  • A child may receive up to 3 pieces of equipment through CATS within a calendar year.
  • The requested equipment must serve a child’s current need.  CATS will not supply a device for anticipated future needs.
  • Equipment is provided based on available inventory. CATS will not maintain a “wish list” or “wait list” for equipment.
  • CATS does not deliver donated equipment. The family must arrange for pick-up of the equipment.
  1. Use of Equipment

All equipment donated by CATS is for the purpose of serving an individual’s immediate assistive technology need.   Ownership of the equipment transfers to the child and caregiver.   However, sale of donated equipment is prohibited by the terms and intent of this agreement.

8.  Communication Loan Library

The Communication Loan Library provides augmentative communication and assistive technology devices to a child with disabilities on a 3 month loan.  Only 1 device can be requested at a time. The request for the device must be made by the child’s speech therapist and a loan agreement must be signed.  There is no transfer of these items between locations.  Devices in Roanoke inventory are only available in the greater Roanoke area.  Devices in Hampton Roads inventory are only available in Hampton Roads.  At the end of the three months, the item must be returned.  There will be no extensions or renewals of the loan period.