Children's Assistive Technology Service (CATS) | Virginia


Board Member

Colonial Heights, Va.
Susan is a therapeutic recreation specialist (BS 1977 Longwood College) and healthcare manager (MS and PhD). She has over 40 years working with persons with physical and cognitive disabilities, in various community, acute, long term care facilities, regulatory and policy settings. She also brings the experience of having been a caregiver for 35 years and understands the needs of families under the stress of caregiving. Presently she is a Commonwealth of Virginia public service employee with over 25 years. Susan also enjoys working with families with complex needs and identifying origins of disabilities and relationships with life activities and events. Interests include reading and continual learning, data analysis and visualization, and helping others. As a person with a disability and end user of equipment, she has a firsthand understanding of the issues. Abilities are our best assets, and with assistive technology, the world opens for maximum independence and quality of life.

Email: [email protected]
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