Children's Assistive Technology Service (CATS) | Virginia
March 18, 2020 at 12:00 am everywhere DONATE

Roanoke Valley Gives Day 2020

CATS is excited to announce our participation in Roanoke Valley Gives Day 2020!  Join us for a day of giving that supports children and their families. The cost of raising a child with a disability is 10x the cost of raising a typically developing child. The average cost of a single piece of assistive technology is $2,000. And the average cost for a child dependent on a power wheel chair costs over $500,000 during his or her childhood included with other necessary equipment needed for daily needs.
We need your support and help to continue our success in aiding   children with disabilities.   Our quarters are too tight in Roanoke and Hampton Roads and we need funds to enhance our Richmond space.  Thanks to the many families who pass it on, we need a place with space! We served nearly 1000 kids last year, so our goal is to achieve 1000 donors! Please spread the word! The link is here, going live on March 9th, but the big day is March 18th!